From your initial contact with the Center, we are interested in learning about you and your concerns. Our staff is warm, friendly, informed and will make every effort to answer your questions and to make your visit comfortable. We believe good communication is critically important toward successful treatment outcomes.

Prior to your first visit, we ask that you complete a health questionnaire and a medical history form that are designed to help you organize your complaints, symptoms, history, medications and prior treatment. You will be given either an internet site portal to access or if you prefer, paper forms that can be mailed out to you ahead of time. Please take time to fill these forms out as completely as possible, as they will be valuable as we prepare for your visit. If paper, please remember to bring these forms with you on the day of your visit.

We protect all your personal health information and data that you provide us. Your privacy and our protection of this information, we consider with the greatest importance.

At the initial evaluation appointment, we will review with you the health questionnaire and medical history. We will provide a thorough examination and diagnostic testing as well as any imaging needed to help to make a diagnosis of your condition. We plan about an hour for this visit with you.