The Center provides non-surgical, conservative, interdisciplinary pain management strategies and techniques to treat craniofacial pain. By taking the time to carefully listen to you, we learn not only of your concerns but what impact your symptoms are having on your overall health and life. After a thorough examination and imaging, a diagnosis is determined and an individualized patient-centered treatment plan is then created.

Dental Sleep Medicine is an emerging field in dentistry that offers patients an another treatment option for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Working with your physician and sleep specialists, oral appliance therapy can be a valuable way to open and stabilize the airway while you sleep. Each prospective patient must first obtain a medical diagnosis and sleep study. As with Craniofacial Pain management, a comprehensive evaluation and examination is performed to determine if an oral appliance is appropriate and effective. Careful monitoring and periodic testing is paramount in a patient achieving an improved night’s sleep.